Third Eye Incense | Chakra Range
Third Eye Incense | Chakra Range

Third Eye Incense | Chakra Range

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 We have used clean herbaceous and sharp citrus fragrances of Rosemary, Bay Laurel and Clary Sage. When blended, these help to build focus and also awaken and clarify intuition levels

Located in the middle of our brow is the Third Eye Chakra. Also known by its Sanskrit name Anja, or ‘To Perceive/To Know’. It is our ‘vision centre’ of inner wisdom and higher intuition. This centre governs our ability to analyse, think reason, understand, remember and discern. It is the Sixth Chakra, the colour is Indigo, the elements is Light and the sound is OM

Aromatise and enhance the ambience of your practice and space by lighting our custom blended incense. The Chakra Range is available in eight fragrances.

The Third Eye incense is handcrafted in Tibet, following our bespoke blends that were formulated in the UK

Taking a deep breath, we encourage you to pause, connect and reset. Light the tip of the incense. When glowing, blow out the flame and place in a suitable holder. Inhale a breath of divine bliss

Please use with care. Keep out of the way of children and animals. Never leave burning incense unattended. Ensure area is well ventilated. When the spent incense is completely extinguished and cold to touch you can use the ash as combust for your plants