Meditation Gazing Candle
Meditation Gazing Candle

Meditation Gazing Candle

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Breathe & Be Incense, Meditation Gazing Candle, the perfect meditation aid, with a space to purposefully tailor your Affirmations, Blessings, Gratitude, Intentions, Prayer and Reflections to your life.

Lighting a candle for an intention or purpose has been practiced for many centuries, worldwide with individuals from all walks of life. Lighting a candle symbolises bringing forth light to our wishes and desires.

* Calming, bringing inner peace and quiet.
* Deep relaxation, relieves stress and anxiety.
* Clarity of mind, strengthens decision making and willpower.
* Enhances concentration and memory.
* Develops greater work efficiency and productivity.
* Improves eyesight and vision.
* Deepens sleep and helps with insomnia,

Candle Gazing is a simple yet effective tool of Meditation. As your eyes start to fix on the candle flame, you cease paying attention to anything beyond it - all other imagery fades from your vision and your brain receives no further information to process as it’s the nerves of your eyes that sends signals to your brain but in this case no signal is sent. During this experience, while your eyes are open, you only see the flame and nothing else. This helps engages the mind in a state of calm, relaxed focus, the perfect preparation for meditation.

Before you start take your time to clear your space, aura of any negative energy that may be around or within. A simple bath or shower can help clear your energy or smudging our Palo Santo beforehand also aids with this.

  1. Gather your candle, a pencil and your leaflet, you can add additional tools like incense, crystals, flowers to place near the candle.

  2. Close your eyes, inhale, exhale, slowly focus on your intention, direct inwards, using your minds eye to visualise your intention and what you’d like to manifest. Focus on the sensations of what it feels like having those thoughts.

  3. Once you’ve fully captured those feelings and visualised your intention, wishes and goals, take your pencil, leaflet and begin to write these down.

  4. Once you’ve done this read your intention out loud - as many times as you like - take your time and briefly meditate on them. Fold the leaflet and place underneath or to the side of your candle.

  5. Light your candle. Gaze at the flame.

  6. Meditate on your intention, then release into the light.

  7. When ready close your candle ritual with words of gratitude and positive affirmations. Recognising by giving thanks to what’s already in motion.

  8. Let your candle burn as much as you want. Be sure not to blow out your candle. If you need to put out the flame, cap the candle instead. Once the candle burns through completely, you can light another one to keep the intention going, if you wish.

On a symbolic level, lighting a candle represents the five elements, earth, water, air, fire and spirit. The wick and base signifies the earth and are vital for keeping the flame steady. The wax re-transforming from solid to liquid and then to a gas, emulates the transmutational properties of the water element. The air is crucial for both keeping the flame lit and extinguishing it. Then the flame, element of rebirth, represent passion and willpower. And the spirit in us when we focus our intentions to the candle and infuse it with our soul and energy.


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