Caffeine for your Skin?

As a go-to pick-me-up, caffeine is a must-have for so many of us. We start our day with a mug of freshly-brewed coffee at home and another on the way to work. The familiar buzz gets us through mind-numbing morning meetings and mid-day after-lunch slumps. But there is more to caffeine than your corner Starbucks could ever offer.

Did you know that caffeine is a beauty booster? Its benefits are a blessing for your skin and hair, a perk some may argue is even better than the taste of a pumpkin spice latte. The antioxidants and nutrients in caffeine are bountiful, and when added to your daily beauty routine, really make an impact. 

Why Caffeine?

Well-studied and proven successful, the all-natural stimulant aids in overall alertness and focus. People rely on caffeine’s “wow” factor to focus and slug through those sleepless nights.

Just as powerful is caffeine’s protection and perfection when it comes to your beauty routine, enhancing the skin and hair with suppleness, shine, and sex appeal.

Get Skin That Glows

Putting your best face forward is always attractive, and getting that youthful, dewy glow is nothing short of gorgeous. Caffeine can give you that confidence to catch anyone’s attention. Terre de Mars is a great choice if you're looking for an all-natural, vegan, certified organic line of products is perfect for all skin types, and infused with the goodness of caffeine.

Cosmetics and skin care products by Terre de Mars are excellent for gentle exfoliation, eliminating the unsightly dead skin cells and build-up that causes dullness and lack of vibrance. With the impurities eliminated, fresh skin comes to the forefront, and you can’t help but shine. A little goes a long way, and the effects are impressive. Nutrients boost skin’s elasticity and energy, giving you reason to forget the filters and show everyone how nice natural can be.

Terre De Mars’ Luminance Face & Body Scrub is perfect for getting that baby soft skin that lies just beneath the surface. Follow up with soothing Resilience Facial Cream to lock in moisture and nourish with a non-greasy formula for your face. When you want the full treatment, go for the Redemption Facial Mask for a mini DIY spa day. You’ll feel pampered and pretty.

The caffeine in these skincare products aids in better blood circulation, giving you a healthy rosy glow and a well-rested appearance. Collagen production is increased, allowing for repair and renewal of the skin cells. The high-quality products are chock-full of healthy vitamins and minerals too, helping clear aggravating acne and other common skin issues we all dread. Your dermatologist will miss you!

Along with the loveliness you will notice after even your first use, the caffeine in these products also makes it safer to go in the sun. The polyphenols in caffeine help protect against harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, warding off the telltale signs that you have spent too much time outdoors. Of course, wear SPF sunscreen when possible, but know that the caffeine is an extra layer of protection you can count on. Wrinkles can wait.

Caffeine may also reduce the appearance of puffy eyes, allowing you to look bright-eyed and beaming without the jolt of java. No more cold cucumber slices or dribbling tea bags to achieve the same success. Working its magic and making your skin come alive, it is no wonder that caffeine is so sought-after for skincare.

Hair That’s Your Mane Attraction

The benefits of caffeine are not limited to just skincare and can be very effective when infused in haircare products to make your locks look lush and lustrous.

Stimulate hair growth with a rich nutrient supply directly to the scalp, increased blood circulation, and lots of healthy benefits to keep your hair in fine form. Reduce the frustrating frizz and flyaways, and you will never have a bad hair day again.

The Resonance Body & Hair Oil revitalizes dull hair with natural oils along with the caffeine content. Wash your hair with Irreverence Nourishing Shampoo to get rid of product buildup, residue, and excess oil, leaving you with hair that is repaired and ravishing.

Check out the rest of Terre de Mars’ collection, with everything you need for your skin and hair. The next time you are enjoying a cup of coffee, think of how the caffeine can not only jumpstart your day, but make you feel beautiful.

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