How to Create a Capsule Wardrobe

What is a Capsule Wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is a small collection of interchangeable clothing items that can be mixed and matched to create a variety of outfits. These are often are items of clothing that do not go out of style and composed of neutral colors.

Why you should have a capsule wardrobe

There are many reasons why we love building a capsule wardrobe. Capsule wardrobes a great way to reduce our footprint on the planet, reduce decision fatigue, save money and create a less stressful relationship with clothing.


More time & less decision fatigue

How many of us wasted time digging through a pile of our clothing thinking we have nothing to wear? Having a curated wardrobe will free up a significant amount of time in your day! By owning a collection of high quality, timeless clothing that is cohesive with the rest of your wardrobe makes it easy to mix and match. Not only will this save you time, but it will make it easier for you to select your outfits in the morning so it doesn't contribute to your decision fatigue!


Reduce carbon footprint and save money

A capsulate wardrobe is a more mindful and sustainable way to think about clothing. The rise of fast fashion has encouraged a “throw away” culture and mentality and created a constant sense of need to buy more and more. A capsule wardrobe pushes us to think more about if we truly need each piece in our closet. By purchasing fewer, high quality pieces so your garments will last longer and won't need to be thrown out every season. Purchasing less clothing and less often also means saving money!

How to create a capsule wardrobe

There are different ways to create capsules wardrobes. Some create a 50 piece capsule meant to last a whole year. Others live by the 10x10 rule - mixing and matching a total of 10 items for 10 days before creating a new ten-piece capsule.

The first step is to do an audit of your closet and create three separate piles: Love, Like, donate (or sell) and recycle. The general rule is that if you haven't worn in it more than six months it's probably time to let it go.

The second step is to build your capsule wardrobe using the items in your 'like' and 'love' piles. Pick your top one or two favourites from each of these categories: pants, jeans, skirts, dresses, tees, sweater, blazers, nice tops.

Tips for how to choose what to include

The Blazer

A blazer is one of the best garments for tackling the smart-casual aesthetic. Dress down a formal outfit with a blaser or add a touch of sophistication to a casual outfit with a blazer and jeans. One of our favorite picks of the season is the oversized women's blazer by Fassbender and the double-breasted satin blazer is the perfect summer blazer.

The Slip Dress

Layer your slip dress with a t-shirt underneath or a sweater on top to create a variety of different outfits that will feel brand new. Discover our selection of silky slip dresses from classic colors to black and navy to pops of orange and green to brighten up your wardrobe.

The Trench Coat

A classic trench in a must-have for every wardrobe. Our top picks this seasons are the sleeveless trench coat by Fassbender, the Classic Trench by A Line and the Satin Silky Trench Coat.

The Staple Sweater

Don’t let the cold weather put a damper on your style. Just because you have to cake the clothing layers on, that doesn’t mean the layers have to be drab or dowdy. Invest in a timeless, soft Brushed Wool Crewneck Sweater sustainably made in a Scottish mill. Another favorite is the Ali Turtleneck Knit Sweater hand-knit in baby alpaca by Peruvian artisans. 

Go-to T-Shirt

The classic t-shirt is a staple in every wardrobe. They are so versatile and can be worn to dress down a sharp suit or a strappy dress. Our collection of t-shirts includes a wide selection of organic cotton t-shirts in a variety of colors.

Pleated Trousers

Every wardrobe need a good pair of everyday comfortable pants. Mix and match your trousers with a t-shirt, tank top or button-down shirt. The High rise tapered pants in virgin wool are perfect for a tailored look while the silky Roxy Pants are great for a more relaxed outfit.

Everyday Tote Bag

Opt for a sturdy tote that's roomy enough to hold everything you could possibly need.

Minimalist everyday shoes

Shoes will of course be an important part of your capsule wardrobe. First, one must understand the basic categories of footwear and determine which represent how you dress. Classic black pumps, combat boots and brown suede loafers are a solid choice for any wardrobe.