Our Story

Beunica brings together a community of independent brands and artisans with shoppers looking for unique and curated fashion accessories, homeware, and natural beauty products. Each piece is carefully selected to bring our customers one of a kind products with a focus on craftsmanship, quality, and sustainability.


Our Values

We are committed to supporting small independent brands and artisans who align with our sustainable business practices and ethical standards.

We strive to inspire a contemporary lifestyle based on slow-living, where quality comes before quantity, through limited pieces that are original, durable, and sustainable. The collections are locally made in small production runs in the designers’ studio or by artisan collectives.

By shopping with us, you play a part in driving fashion to be more ethical. By choosing to wear local labels that embrace transparent production and traceable sourcing, you are joining us in creating a more sustainable future.


Our Products

The beauty of creation is individuality. In a world that is becoming increasingly homogenized by big retail, we are committed to bringing you one of a kind accessories that will allow you to express your own unique style.

We don't sacrifice style for ethics. Our carefully curated product is a testament to the fact that conscious consumption shouldn’t lead to a compromise on quality and luxury.

Values Index

Our careful selection process dives into each brands production processes to ensure they align with our ethical and sustainable standards. The following icons provide our customers with transparency of each product so they can make informed decisions.

Artisan Made

Handcrafted by local artisans using age-old techniques and supporting artisan communities.

Cruelty Free

The products and constituent ingredients in this collection are not tested on animals.

Organic Ingredients

The material or ingredients in this collection are at least 80% derived from organic farming.

Fair Trade

Adequate woking conditions, fair wages, no child labour and compliant with all local environmental regulations.

Women Owned

The business is majority female owned.

Small Batch

Handmade in small quantities allowing brands to minimise waste and avoid overproduction.

Organic Cotton

The material or ingredients in this collection are at least 80% derived from organic farming.

Ecological Dyes

Plant based dyes that are non-toxic or harmful to the environment.